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This section contains information and binaries for the Synertek Systems SYM-1 Single Board Computer. Additional documents from Synertek, such as their full 1981-1982 databook, can be found in the Datasheets Archive.

Special thanks to Andrew Lankford, Dallas Shell, Leland Goertz, and René Sommerlatt for most of the material and the hard work that made this section possible. If you have additional SYM-1 information, please send them to us via .

**  Synertek Web Resources

  • Dallas' SYM-1 Pages - Dallas Shell has one of the largest sites about the SYM-1. His pages include photographs, descriptions, and schematics of his many modifications and expansion projects.
  • Don's SYM-1 Pages - Don Buska describes the evolution of his SYM-1 system with photos and descriptions. It also includes details of his expansion board with static RAM and a Commodore 1541 disk drive interface.
  • 6502 Pages - The pages from this unnamed SYM-1 enthusiast include two SYM-1 systems, FODS (File Oriented Disk System), KTM terminals, and projects with many photos and downloads.

**  Synertek SYM-1 Manuals

**  SYM-PHYSIS: The SYM-1 Users' Group Newsletter

  • SYM-PHYSIS - was a newsletter distributed by the SYM Users' Group from September 1979 to December 1983, dedicated to the SYM-1 and other Synertek devices. All eighteen issues are available in their orginal format in Portable Document Format (PDF).

**  SYM-1 Monitor

  • Monitor Enhancements - document describes the differences introduced with the second release of the SYM-1 and its updated Monitor, version 1.1. The changes are mainly in the tape area.
  • SYMON1_0.BIN - Monitor Version 1.0 Binary - ready to get burned.
  • SYMON1_1.BIN - Monitor Version 1.1 Binary - ready to get burned.
  • SYNMON11.ASM - SYM-1 Supermon and audio cassette interface sources, combined and converted to Telemark Assembler (TASM) 3.1.

**  RAE: Resident Assembler Editor

**  SYM-1 BASIC Interpreter

  • Leland Goertz's Listings includes both standard hex and raw ASCII dumps of the program. It was placed in public domain when the company under. The listings also show the differences between BASIC versions for the SYM-1, KIM-1, AIM-65, and OSI. An 8KB ROM Image was extracted from the dumps by Leslie Ayling.
  • Full Disassembly of SYM-1 BASIC has been made available by Lee Davison.
  • Synertek BASIC Reference Manual - from Synertek
  • BAS_C000.BIN - BASIC 1.1 4k Binary ($C000-CFFF) - ready to get burned.
  • BAS_D000.BIN - BASIC 1.1 4k Binary ($D000-DFFF) - ready to get burned.
  • BASIC1_1.BIN - BASIC 1.1 8k Binary ($C000-DFFF) - ready to get burned.
  • BXT_0200.BIN - BASIC Extension ($0200-11FF) - to be copied to memory.
  • BXT_1200.BIN - BASIC Extension ($1200-1705) - to be copied to memory.

**  FDC-FORTH: FORTH Interest Group FORTH for the SYM-1

  • Installation Instructions - from the SYM Users' Group describe how to install FDC-FORTH on SYM-1 microcomputers with the FDC-1 disk controller. Modifications for cassette operation are also presented.

**  perSYMone FDC-1 Floppy Disk Controller

**  SYMulator: The SYM-1 Emulator

  • SYMulator - is a working SYM-1 simulator by . It based on a modified version of Daryl Rictor's 65C02 simulator and supports Supermon 1.1 at $8000, Basic at $C000, and RAE at $B000.